“The Village Fugs ‎– Sing Ballads Of Contemporary Protest, Point Of Views, And General Dissatisfaction” was the first Fugs album, released in 1965 with the instructive subtitel.

Poets Tuli Kupferberg and Ed Sanders couldn’t play any instruments, but they sure knew all about the spirit of rock & roll. Sanders edited … Full Descriptionand published a profanely titled arts magazine in post-Beat, early-‘60s Greenwich Village, and local friends, including Peter Stampfel and Steve Weber of the Holy Modal Rounders, and guitarist Ken Weaver, provide most of the music on this underground classic.

Alternately angry, beautiful, rude, and gut-bustingly hilarious, these songs, recorded in 1965, are both folk classics and among the first and best punk anthems ever recorded. Weaver’s “I Couldn’t Get High” is a garage-rocking stomper that wouldn’t sound out of place in the NUGGETS series, and Weber’s ironic masterpiece “Boobs A Lot” says more about locker-room culture in two minutes than volumes of social studies. An essential album!

Peter Stampfel (fiddle, hca, vo)
Vinny Leary, Steve Weber (g, vo)
John Anderson (bag, vo)
Ken Weaver (d, vo)
Tuli Kupferberg (per, vo)
Ed Sanders (vo)


01. Slum Goddess (2:01)
02. Ah, Sunflower Weary Of Time (2:15)
03. Supergirl (2:19)
04. Swinburne Stomp (2:51)
05. I Couldn’t Get High (2:08)
06. How Sweet I Roamed From Field To Field (2:15)
07. Carpe Diem (5:10)
08. My Baby Done Left Me (2:21)
09. Boobs A Lot (2:14)
10. Nothing (4:17)

The Fugs – The Village Fugs (1965)
(192 kbps, front cover included)