From 1970 to 1990 there was the “Festival des politischen Liedes” (“festival of the political song”) in Berlin, capital of the German Democratic Republic. The festival was a meeting place for politically engaged musicians from the whole world and and interested audience. You find information about the participants and history in the archive on

The 6th “Festival des politischen Liedes” happened in Eat Berlin in February, 7th to 14th, 1976 and featured artists like Perry Friedman, Pete Wyoming, Ted McKenna, Santocas, Oktoberclub and many more.


01 – Mannesmannballade [Peter, Paul und Barmberk]
02 – Scottish folk dances [The Whistlebinkies]
03 – Auf,auf zum kampf [Perry Friedman]
04 – Bjelorusski woksal [Studentisches Liedtheater]
05 – Kampf dem schicksal [Gruppe Rafidain]
06 – The blackleg miner [Ted McKenna]
07 – Poder popular [Santocas]
08 – Ein Friendenslied [Oktoberklub]
09 – Kapitalens almene krise [Sören Sidevinds Spillemänd]
10 – Se abrirán las grandes alamedas [Angel e Isabel Parra]
11 – Freedom [Pete Wyoming]
12 – Les communistas [Pia Colombo]
13 – Optimistisches Lied [Gruppe Schicht]
14 – Experiencia [Luis Cilia und Pedro Cabal]
15 – Nos vemos en la Habana [Grupo Moncada]

6. Festival des politischen Liedes – Rote Lieder (1976, vinyl rip)
(192 kbps, cover art included)