Today is the Holocaust Memorial Day, dedicated to the remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust. The chosen date is the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp by the Soviet Army in 1945.

“Holocaust Memorial Day is the international day of remembrance for the victims of the Holocaust and of other genocides. On it, we commemorate victims, honour survivors and commit to tackling prejudice, discrimination and racism in the present day. We encourage nations to conquer genocide and atrocity and individuals to stand up against hatred.” (from: http://www.hmd.org.uk/about/)

On this album, joined by several distinguished colleagues, Anne Sofie Von Otter pays homage to the remarkable composers and musicians imprisoned in the nazi Concentration camp Theresienstadt, where, under conditions of unimaginable suffering, they wrote and perfomed these songs and others works of delightful fantasy and lasting beauty.

“Even in the earth’s darkest corner, the music took away our fear and reminded us of the beauty in this world.” (Alice Herz-Sommer, pianist and Theresienstadt survivor)”

Ilse Weber (1903 – 1944), Karel Svenk (1907 – 1945), Adolf Strauss…

Bebe Risenfors [baritone] (Baritone)
Anne Sofie Von Otter (Mezzo Soprano)
Bengt Forsberg (Accordion)
Ib Hausmann (Clarinet)
Philip Dukes (Viola)
Christian Gerhaher (Baritone)
Josephine Knight (Cello)


01. Ich wandre durch Theresienstadt 2:38
02. Pod destnikem 3:10
03. Vsechno jde! 2:16
04. Ade, Kamerad! 2:22
05. Und der Regen rinnt 1:48
06. Ich weiß bestimmt, ich werd Dich wiedersehn 3:19
07. Gräfin Mariza – Operetta in 3 Acts – Arrangement – Terezín-Lied – Adaption of Komm mit nach Varasdin 2:55
08. Karussell 4:12
09. Wiegala 2:35
10. Ctyrversi (Vierzeilengedicht) 1:40
11. Vzruseni (Empfindung) 2:00
12. Pratele (Die Freunde) 1:18 13. Ein jüdisches Kind 2:43
14. Drei jiddische Lieder (Brezulinka), Op.53 – 1. Berjoskele 5:21
15. Six Sonnets de Louize Labané, Op.34 – 1. Claire Vénus… (Sonnet V) 3:36
16. Six Sonnets de Louize Labané, Op.34 – 2. On voit mourir… (Sonnet VII) 2:38
17. Six Sonnets De Louize Labané, Op.34 – 3. Je Vis, Je Meurs… (Sonnet VIII) 1:22
18. Zaslech jsem divoke husy (Ich vernahm Wildgänse) 2:39
19. V bambusovem haji (Im Bambushain) 2:06
20. Daleko mesic je domova (Fern der Heimat ist der Mond) 5:05
21. Probdena noc (Durchwachte Nacht) 3:27
22. Sonata for violin solo (1927) – 1. Allegro con fuoco Daniel Hope 1:42
23. Sonata for violin solo (1927) – 2. Andante cantabile Daniel Hope 5:31
24. Sonata for violin solo (1927) – 3. Scherzo Daniel Hope 2:10
25. Sonata for violin solo (1927) – 4. Finale Daniel Hope 2:36

Terezin – Theresienstadt (Anne Sofie von Otter and others)
(192 kbps, front cover included)